Achieve Your Ideal Body With CoolSculpting


For most people wanting to slim down, reaching your ideal weight and body size can take a huge amount of dedication and work. Frustrations can arise when it seems like your hard work isn’t paying off and your results have plateaued. This plateau in weight loss can often happen when you’re just a few pounds or inches away from achieving your goal. One solution to pushing past a stall in weight loss and eliminating those final areas of stubborn fat can be CoolSculpting®.

CoolSculpting® is an FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure that uses cool temperatures to freeze fat. The science of the procedure can be traced back to Harvard Medical School and the phenomenon called “popsicle panniculitis,” where children who enjoyed a lot of popsicles also experienced noticeable fat loss in their cheeks. From this observation, it was discovered that cold temperatures can irrevocably damage fat cells, eventually resulting in their death and removal by the body.

The first step in CoolSculpting® is a consultation visit where you’ll converse with one of our trained professionals. From this conversation, a plan will be developed, entailing the areas of the body to be treated and how many times. During your treatment appointment, an applicator and gel cooling pad are applied and positioned on your body to target fat. Treatment time is relatively short and comfortable enough for clients to read, be on their phones, or even sleep during it. There’s no real downtime after the procedure with most people continuing on with their daily business after the treatment is completed. Results after CoolSculpting® are not instant. Most clients begin noticing results around three weeks after the procedure and results can continue to develop up to six months after the treatment as your body cycles out dead fat cells.

If you’ve been living a healthy lifestyle with exercising and dieting, but can’t seem to lose that last bit of fat, CoolSculpting® could be the final step to getting your ideal body. To schedule a consultation, call or visit us today at Madonna OBGYN and Medical Spa, located in Rochester, NY and Geneseo, NY.