Benefits of Massage Therapy in Geneseo


To put it simply, massage therapy can leave your body feeling wonderful and can renew your mind. When you choose our licensed massage therapists in Geneseo, we can help you decrease stress, calm your mind, relax tired or sore muscles and improve your physical health. Many studies have been done to show these and other benefits of regular massages, and you can learn more about them right here.

Relaxes the Muscles

One of the most obvious benefits of massage therapy is that it relaxes sore muscles. This can make it beneficial following sporting events or whenever the muscles have been used in a new way or for a long period. Relaxed muscles are more flexible, and you will find it easier than ever to stretch after a massage.

Improves Circulation

Massage therapy improves circulation of blood throughout the muscles, as well as the skin. When blood moves better throughout your body, your cells are more able to get the life-giving and renewing nutrients that they need, such as oxygen. This can rejuvenate your muscles, give your skin a healthy glow and lead to increased healing in the area.

Decreases Stress and Calms the Mind

Massage therapy produces numerous mental and emotional health benefits. It is a well-known way to decrease cortisol levels. Regular massages can help you slow down your mind, relax your thoughts and think more clearly than usual. Massage also helps your body to produce other feel-good chemicals, such as dopamine.

Improves Posture

Massage therapy can improve the posture of your neck and your entire back. This is especially helpful for those in Geneseo who routinely work at desks, hold babies or drive cars and who are more apt to have hunched shoulders. The therapy can help draw your bones and muscles back where they belong, allowing you to sit and stand straighter than ever.

Reduces Pain

Massage therapy is a well-known pain reducer and is especially effective for those with chronic tension headaches, osteoarthritis, neck or back pain or fibromyalgia. However, it has also been shown to decrease post-operative pain, as well as the pain associated with carpal tunnel syndrome.

These are just a few of the many positive benefits of regular massages at Madonna OBGYN and Medical Spa. Contact us today to schedule a massage at our office in Geneseo or Rochester!