Common Questions About Fat Freezing


If you’ve been considering a fat freezing treatment like CoolSculpting® but have been unsure about the process or results, we’ve put together a guide to answer all your questions.

What Is Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing is a type of body contouring treatment that is able to eliminate stubborn fat cells. The technology was originally created by scientists who noticed that when little kids ate cold popsicles, their cheeks would dimple. This dimpling was caused by the cold affecting the fat cells in their cheeks. They then realized that extreme cold could be used to help those who were have troubling getting rid of stubborn fat that diet and exercise can’t touch.

How Does CoolSculpting® Work?

The most popular body contouring treatment available today is CoolSculpting®. For this treatment, an applicator is placed on your skin and emits cold energy. CoolSculpting® forces fat cells to go through a natural cell death, and then the body flushes those cells from your system. No other cells or tissue will be harmed during the treatment. After your fat cells are destroyed, they will be gone for good.

What Does the Treatment Feel Like?

Fat freezing is a completely non-invasive and non-surgical treatment that is pain free. During your CoolSculpting® treatment, you will feel a cool sensation against your skin, a little bit of a numbing feeling, and a mild tugging, but these feeling subside as the treatment goes on. Most of our patients relax during their treatment, either scrolling through phones or getting some work done.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of CoolSculpting® treatments you will need depends on your desired results. Usually, we will recommend around 2-3 treatments in total. However, you may need less or more treatments. At your first appointment, we will discuss your goals and then tailor a treatment plan that works best for you.

When Will I See Results?

With fat freezing, you should begin to see results in about three weeks or so. Remember that your body will be naturally getting rid of those destroyed fat cells, and that process takes a little bit of time.

Is There Downtime?

No, there is no downtime or ill side effects associated with fat freezing. You can get back to all your normal activities right after your treatment.

Will I Make a Good Candidate?

Yes, most everyone makes a good candidate for fat freezing.

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