Hair Removal via Waxing


Waxing is one of the best ways that you can temporarily get rid of unwanted hair on many parts of your body. The hair is removed from the roots, which makes it a more effective hair removal treatment than shaving. When you shave with a razor, the hair is removed right from the skin’s surface. If you wax on a regular basis, you are going to notice that the hair that grows back will be sparser and lighter. In some cases, it may not grow back at all!

Are you worried about the way that the aging process is affecting your face? If so, waxing your face may be just what is needed to help you look youthful and have smooth skin. Even fine hairs on your face can cause distorted shadows, aging some of your facial features. You can make your eyes look more alert and youthful by waxing your eyebrows. Waxing in other areas can keep your entire look well-maintained.

The great thing about hair removal via waxing is that it can be used on almost any part of the body where you have unwanted hair. Women often ask for hair to be removed from their underarms, bikini line, legs, face, and eyebrows. Men often request waxing treatments for their back, arms, legs, and chest.

As we mentioned at the beginning, this is the best temporary hair removal method. Most of our clients see results that last for multiple weeks. However, the results can last longer. This depends on how quickly a person’s hair grows back. Many people have the misconception that their hair is going to grow back darker and thicker. This is absolutely not true. As your hair grows back, it is likely that it is going to be thinner and sparser.

It is good to mention that there are some individuals who may not be the best candidates for waxing. During your consultation with our specialist at Madonna OBGYN and Medical Spa, you can find out if waxing can help you. Contact us today to book an appointment in Rochester or Geneseo and get started.