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Hair Restoration for Men & Women

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PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma, also known as PRP, can be an effective way to treat hair loss and promote new hair growth. PRP therapy is a three-step process. Your blood is drawn, typically from your arm, and put into a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the blood and separates it into three layers: platelet-poor plasma, platelet-rich plasma, and red blood cells.


The platelet-rich plasma is drawn up in a syringe and injected into the areas on the scalp that needs hair growth. Dr. Tomani puts a personal touch on the procedure. She will use the Skin Pen, an FDA-approved Microneedle that stimulates growth and inflammation, driving the stem cells to the hair follicles.

Is it painful?

Though it sounds painful, rest assured it is not. You may experience some mild soreness where the injections took place, but you should be able to bounce back post-appointment.

How often do I need to have this treatment?

Most PRP therapy requires three treatments 4–6 weeks apart.

Maintenance treatments are required every 4–6 months.


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