How Does Laser Hair Removal Permanently Reduce Hair Growth?

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You have likely heard about the benefits that come from having laser hair removal treatments performed. You may be interested in reaping some of these benefits. However, you may have a lot of questions about how the treatment is performed and what you need to do to prepare for it. We would love to tell you about the results you can get with this treatment.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Lots of people have misconceptions about how this treatment works. Some people think that the hair is just burned, which will then reduce hair growth. This is not true. Other people have ideas about the treatment that are similar to the way lasers are used in sci-fi movies. This can cause a lot of fear and can stop a person from benefiting from the treatment.

During the session, energy from a laser is absorbed by the hair follicles. The energy will be attracted to the pigment in the hair follicle. When hair is actively growing and then is treated by the laser, it will be permanently damaged over time. This means that you will experience a reduction in hair growth in areas where the laser has been used.

You should know that this is not a one-time treatment. In order to get long-term results, you will most likely need to visit our office multiple times. The reason why this is necessary is because the treatments need to be scheduled in order to use the laser on as many hair follicles that are going through an active growth stage as possible. Your sessions will likely be scheduled weeks apart.

Laser technology has advanced to the point where individuals with various types of hair colors and skin tones can still get good results. When you visit us for your initial consultation, we will examine your hair and skin and give you a realistic idea of the results you can expect.

Say Goodbye to Hassle

Some people feel frustrated with shaving and waxing because they do not always get great results. Individuals who have sensitive skin often are trapped in a cycle where they shave, deal with skin irritation and ingrown hairs, allow the hair to grow out, and then start the process again. They never have skin that looks or feels nice. Additionally, they use so much of their time getting ready for the day removing unwanted hair. You can say goodbye to all of this hassle with laser hair removal.

You are warmly invited to schedule your consultation at Madonna OBGYN and Medical Spa. We would love to show you how laser hair removal can permanently reduce your hair growth. Contact us today to book an appointment at our office in Geneseo or Rochester.