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Overview of PRP Microneedling Treatment in Rochester, NY

Are you looking to improve the health of your skin while addressing skin imperfections? Microneedling is an excellent, minimally invasive solution to anything from wrinkles and scarring enlarged pores by promoting collagen production in the treated areas. Call Madonna Medi Spa and Gynecological Services today to schedule a consultation in our Rochester or Geneseo offices and see how we can help you.


What Can I Expect From the Procedure?

A microneedling treatment typically lasts between thirty minutes and an hour. For your comfort, we can administer a topical anesthetic to the treatment area beforehand. Our experienced staff performs this treatment with the MD Needle Pen system. Most patients describe feeling a gentle vibration as the MD Needle Pen does its work. The pen creates small micro-channels at a specific depth in the skin that trigger the body to begin its natural healing process, resulting in the production of brand new skin cells and tighter, smoother skin.

Microneedling treatments can be repeated until skin reaches your desired look and feel. At Madonna Medical Spa, we perform our microneedling with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and dermal fillers to optimize results.

Microneedling with PRP

Before the treatment, you will have a small amount of blood drawn, just like you would at a primary care doctor visit. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge and filtered until all that is left is PRP, a concentration of the cells containing growth factor proteins in your blood that promote healing. These cells can be mixed with dermal fillers made up of hyaluronic acid and injected back into the treatment area during the treatment, further enabling your body to produce new, strong skin cells and collagen. By incorporating PRP and dermal fillers in our microneedling treatment, results are enhanced because the platelets are delivered directly to the treatment area to begin the healing process.

Am I a Good Candidate?

Most people are candidates for microneedling, and the treatment works well for all skin types. Recovery time is minimal; most patient’s skin returns to normal within 24 hours.

With so many options out there to treat wrinkles and scarring, why do we suggest microneedling? PRP microneedling is becoming popular in Rochester as an incredibly natural way to address your skin’s appearance with the added benefit of dramatically increasing dermal health. Simply put, microneedling is a controlled treatment utilizing the body’s own healing processes.

Contact the trusted experts at Madonna Medical Spa in Rochester today to talk more about this exciting treatment. We’ll help you find out if microneedling right for you.


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