Treat Vaginal Dryness with CO2RE Intima

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Vaginal dryness is often an inevitable outcome of vaginal laxity. Laxity refers to the loss of structure in the vaginal walls owing to several causes, such as childbirth and menopause. CO2RE Intima is a non-surgical treatment that reverses laxity and dryness, resulting in enhanced pleasurable sensitivity and lubrication.

What Causes Vaginal Dryness?

Dryness is an outcome of other underlying circumstances you may be experiencing, such as menopause, hormone imbalance, stress or age. Any of these circumstances coupled with the causes listed above can lead to the breakdown of collagen in the vaginal walls. This breakdown is the leading precursor of vaginal dryness. Collagen is a structural protein present throughout your entire body. Collagen imparts form, resilience, suppleness and tightness to your skin.

What Exactly is CO2RE Intima?

CO2RE Intima is a source of CO2 laser energy that increases amounts of collagen in the skin. Increased amounts of sub-epidermal collagen can help restore a youthful resilience and tightness. Enhanced sensitivity and lubrication are two additional perks.

Contraction is a necessary step in the process of collagen stimulation, regeneration and remodeling. With the formation of brand new collagen fibers, your body rebuilds your vaginal walls at the sub-epidermal level. CO2RE Intima lasers are precise, so a professional can target specific areas and ensure you receive thorough rejuvenation.

Convenience, Speed, Safety, and Quality

Since CO2RE Intima is non-surgical, you can receive treatments and continue to work without worries about discomfort or downtime. Generally, women undergo three in-office treatments at intervals of four weeks apart; however, results may vary from person to person. Your professional can determine whether you may require additional treatment.

If you struggle with dryness and you’re done with the discomfort, consider treatment with CO2RE Intima. Reversing laxity, augmenting sensitivity and enhancing your vagina’s natural response to pleasure is easier than you think.

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